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An rdleads.com Exclusive

I am doing a small design change so I currently have no switches available for sale. I will update this page when they are ready.


An A/B Switch for your RD unit!

Now you can keep your Direct Connect leads and your Clamp always connected to your RD unit and just toggle between them saving wear & tear on both the cable connectors and the RD transmitter jack.

A/B Switch Mini
This is the Small A/B Switch Unit approx 3-3/4"Lx1-3/4"Dx1-3/16"T
Patent Pending

A/B Switch Large
This is the Large unit approx 4-1/42-3/8"Dx1-3/16"T
Patent Pending

These units are in a die-cast aluminum case which shields them from RF leakage and they have virtually Zero signal loss through the switch!
They are also epoxy encapsulated for super durability.

This is an RdLeads.com exclusive and all units are hand made & tested

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I am NOT associated with the Radio Detection company that produces this superb locating equipment and do not mean to imply so in any way, shape or form.

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