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Did your clamp suddenly stop working or is it intermittant?

It depends on the extent of the damage to the clamp but most clamp failures are at the connector end or the clamp end due to constant flexing of the cable and plugging/unplugging and the rest of the cable is just fine.

These I repair by cutting off BOTH ends as one end may have failed now but the other end is probably going to be close behind, (note that this shortens your cable by one (1) or more feet depending on how much damage the cable has), I then check the cable for continuity then if good, repair/replace the connector end and the clamp end. I also solvent clean the clamp & cable to get the bulk of the grime & paint overspray off

I cannot tell what repairs are needed without inspecting your clamp but without having to replace the end connector or the cable it runs a minimum of $45.00 for the repair plus return shipping. If any additional parts are needed they will be added to the basic charge and a detailed recap will be supplied.

If requested I can let you know in advance the cost of any repair and the turnaround time but then you will be subject to an inspection fee of $25.00 plus return shipping if I do not do the repairs. I try to keep all parts in stock for a rapid turnaround.

Use the contact button on the left to describe the problem you are having and I will give you shipping information and expected turnaround time.

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I am NOT associated with the Radio Detection company that produces this superb locating equipment and do not mean to imply so in any way, shape or form.

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